Why are you so cheap?

Because we’re using simple tools we can offer a simple service that will not cost your usual web designers bill. See our Portfolio for examples of other simple solutions we’ve created. We’re also a small home business, so we don’t have to pay rent or put on a Christmas party for our employees.

What do I get for $95?

You get:
  1. Your site created and settings configured
  2. Two 'screens' of content
  3. A free website address of http://yourname.blogspot.com
  4. Visitor statistics setup with Google Analytics
  5. Some instructions on how to update your site yourself
Basically, it’s the minimum starting point of a website If you need more than this, use our Cost Estimator to see what your additional requirements may cost.

What do you mean by a ‘screen’ of content?

When we say 'screen' we mean a set of unique content (including text & images) which you can see on a single computer screen at one time (excluding your site's header and footer).
As a guide, a screens worth of content would be roughly 600pxW x 700pxH, or about 400 words.
A single web page is always a minimum of one screen but this page, for example, would be worth three screens of content because of its length.
Remember, you are welcome to take charge of your website and setup an unlimited number of additional pages/screens yourself - at no additional cost to you.

Why aren't there any hosting charges?

In the effort to keep things simple (so you can update the website yourself in future - keeping costs down) we are using the popular Google Blogger content management system.
It is free to use and is the equivalent of hosting your website files on the internet – which is normally a monthly fee. This means you have no ongoing fees for hosting or updating the website yourself. Google may someday decide to start charging for their blogger hosting, but we can’t see that ever happening

Will my website look like a blog?

Nope, we remove the stereotypical elements that make a blog look like a blog. So while you're using an easy to update blogging system, we're turning it into something that looks and behaves more like a website.
See our Portfolio and how the sites look like websites, not blogs.

Do you need to do the updates to my site?

While for a charge we can update your site (or tidy up your efforts, if need be), you have full access to your website and can do what you like with it. We’ll give you some instructions on the basics to get you started.

Are there ANY catches?

One. The design and content of your website needs to be able to 'fit in' with the Blogger system. There may be some things you are dreaming of doing that just can't be done on Blogger. But we will figure that out before we begin.
Other than that:
  • We don’t display advertising on your site
  • We don’t lock you in to any contracts
  • We don’t own any of your content
  • We don’t  make you use us to make any changes
  • We don’t try and sell you something else
  • We don’t sell any of your details
  • We don’t even drink or smoke!!

Can I (or you) move the content on my current website for me?

Most likely, yes. This is a common practice as many people are now wanting to be able to update their site themselves or move away from the hosting fees they are paying.
Let us know what your current website is and we’ll give you a quote of how little it would cost to replicate (or improve) your site to the Blogger system.

Can I have (or use my current) www domain name?

Yes, we can help you either register or re ‘point’ a www domain name to your new website. Note: there is an annual renewal fee with www domain names.

Can I have more than one www domain name going to my website?

Yes. There may be a small annual fee for this

Can you set up email addresses for us?

We can help you set up email for your www domain, yes. Note: there may be some ongoing costs with this however.

Can you set up Facebook for my business?

Sure, and we can train you how to use it.

Where are you?

We could be anywhere – as long as there’s internet access :)
But if you really want to know (We didn't want to make you jealous) our team is located in Melbourne and Sydney of the wonderful land of Australia.